Murray vs raonic

    murray vs raonic

    Andy Murray gegen Milos Raonic - Halbfinale - World Tour Finals im Tennis Live- Ticker mit Ergebnissen und Spielplan auf fichtlcup.eu Murray vs Nole. 9. Juli Finale: Murray gegen Raonic oder Lendl gegen McEnroe Andy Murray und Milos Raonic machen an diesem Sonntag ( Uhr) die .com/en/players/ fedex-headhead/andy-murray-vs-milos-raonic/MC10/R Hier auf SofaScore Live Ticker können Sie alle vorherigen Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic Ergebnisse, sortiert nach ihren Kopf-an-Kopf-Matches. Wird verlinkt mit.

    Murray Vs Raonic Video

    2016, Day 13 Highlights, Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic

    Murray tries a lob And then he repeats the trick to take it to deuce. But then Raonic hits it into the net again - Murray has won his fifth title!

    T he ball loops high and Murray thwacks a topspin volley past Raonic. His mother Judy watches sternly as he concedes the next point, but then a good clean serve takes the British no 1 to And then a curling chip outfoxes Raonic - game to Murray.

    H aving said that, Lendl seems pretty stern too. Even though Murray is almost there, having won the latest game with a fierce ace which Raonic had litte chance of reaching.

    A couple of smashes help Raonic peg Murray back a set. McEnroe is still looking grumpy. He dispatches Raonic with finesse, even flaring his arm flamboyantly as he leaps balletically for a volley.

    R aonic pulls off a good flurry of serves to take the next one. I mperious tennis from Murray is punctured by a wasteful tramline shot.

    But he aces his next serve, and by the time a new set of balls has arrived, Murray is another game up. Raonic is blasting the serves in but Murray wins the second point by looping the ball over his rival.

    But a return on a mph serve brings him back into it, and a long old rally - 24 shots - wins Murray the game. He is a tennis-playing android, bred solely for the destruction of his human rivals.

    Then he loses the point. R aonic seemed to be giving Murray the runaround earlier. Now every movement from Murray seems to have purpose.

    But when Raonic goes for a cheeky scoop over the net, he misjudges it. Raonic is perhaps a little ruffled now and lashes a return into the net.

    Murray clenches his fist in celebration and has really turned things around. A leathery outswinging forehand takes Raonic to 30 points.

    Murray fights back with a double backhand and then a short volley to level things at Murray wins a Hawk-Eye call and it goes to deuce.

    This could be a biggie. Maybe this will be the turning point. Suddenly things are looking a little rosier. Murray takes a lead.

    And then the ball rises, he smacks it down, Raonic parries, but it opens up to Murray. R aonic wins a Hawk-Eye call with a shot that turned out to have been just in.

    Certainly judging by the satisfied look on his face as he sips from three consecutive bottles of water. A run of seven points in a row to Raonic is ended by a decisive backhand from a gloomy-looking Murray.

    R aonic really bends his wrist around to volley his way into the lead. He takes a lead. McEnroe pouts at the sidelines but must be pretty happy with how this is going.

    Murray is getting visibly frustrated as he stalks around between points. Then he hoodwinks Raonic into running to his left before dinking it to his right with a well-directed forehand.

    Murray promptly loses the next point. Raonic then finishes him off. T ime for a tie-break. Who would have thought? A n accomplished display of rallying from Murray wins the second point.

    Then he makes a silly error to lose the next point. M urray hits the top of the net with a twirling backhand. He was in control until then.

    But Murray had too much in both tie-breaks and he moves into the final, where he will face either Novak Djokovic or Nishikori. But not for long.

    Raonic, his legs about to turn to actual jelly, nets a forehand on the run and Andy Murray has somehow won one of the maddest matches I have ever seen!

    Raonic sends a forehand return long. Murray has another match point. Murray saves it with a calm volley. Will it ever end?

    Raonic earns his first match point as he overpowers Murray with a forehand into the left corner. Murray nets a forehand with Raonic at the end.

    It was a half chance at most. Murray earns a third match point with an ace. Murray chops a slice long!

    Does he want to win this match? Raonic looks out of it one point, only to come up with a scintillating forehand down the line to stay alive!

    Raonic nets at the end of a preposterous rally. Murray nets a forehand. Raonic clings on, Murray unable to get enough purchase on a lob. Murray pummels a forehand into the left corner to soften Raonic up, then lands a decisive blow with a forehand into the opposite corner.

    Raonic sneezes a forehand into the net. Murray responds with an ace. He should have done that 10 minutes ago. Raonic pings an ace out wide.

    Murray nets a forehand return. Your guess remains as good as mine. Raonic sends a backhand wide. After three hours and 17 minutes of peculiar tennis, Andy Murray serves for the match again.

    He nets a forehand to make it Murray nets a backhand. We will have a tie-break. Two mistakes from Raonic make it Raonic serves superbly to make it , though, before Murray gets a bit too excited with a backhand return.

    The game goes to all and more solid serving from Raonic makes it Murray forces deuce, though, and incredibly earns a break point when Raonic picks a bad moment for a double fault.

    Can he take it? Raonic wearily nets a forehand down the line and Murray will serve for the match again! After three hours and six minutes, Murray steps up to serve for the match.

    In keeping with a barmy match, Murray is forced to wait while the people in charge switch the right lights on — and then Raonic cracks a stunning forehand return from right to left to lead Murray desperately needs first serves.

    Murray saves the first with an outstanding, defiant forehand to make it Raonic still has another chance. Murray tries a drop shot again.

    This time, Raonic is on to his tricks. Murray smashes a ball into the air and receives a warning from the umpire. Murray wins the first point, just about, as he loops a forehand down the line and Raonic stretches into a stiff backhand that drops wide.

    Another miss on the forehand side hands Murray three break points.

    Einstand Nummer drei steht an Dann kann sich Murray aber mit einem guten Return und dank des folgenden Doppelfehlers aber doch mal wieder in Erinnerung bringen und auf Einen Spielball kann sich Murray dann zwar erspielen, kostet parship geld vergibt er aber umgehend. Gepostet von Adrian Rehling. You guys are great to me and I am forever grateful. Der nach einer Rahmenvorhand zum tennisschule botnang Erkenne jetzt die Profispieler an ihrer Jubel-Faust! Und trotzdem kann Raonic am Netz zum Und zu eben jenem Dumusois gibt es dann auch gleich noch eine kleine Anekdote. Der Kanadier wird doch nicht etwa Aber Raonic bleibt ganz cool und erspielt sich in der Folge zwei Breakpunkte! Murray glänzt mit einem starken Return. Es wird das erste Duell zwischen Kerber und Konta. Jetzt auch im Livestream Janine Schulze Waltrup , Milos hat extrem gut serviert, aber ich bin dann beim Return besser zurechtgekommen und habe in die Ballwechsel gefunden. Aber Raonic kann auch seinen dritten Spielball nicht nutzen Aber unter dem Strich steht der Spielgewinn zur 4: Dann lässt der Schotte einen Winner mit dem ersten Service folgen. Ganz sicher ist Murray vor allem mit der Vorhand also nach wie vor nicht

    Murray bangs a forehand long in andymurrayish fashion to give Raonic a lead, but he wins the next four points to hold to Raonic looks done as Murray rasps a kmh straight back at him to earn two break points.

    Yet he is determined not to suffer the ignominy of a fifth-set bagel, saving both break points, Murray sending a forehand return wide, Raonic accurate with a subsequent serve.

    Raonic has a chance to kill the game off, but Murray is pounding on the door, and he earns a third break point. But he lets his stricken prey off the hook, choosing a feathery drop shot instead of finishing it off with a crisp forehand winner, and his execution leaves a lot to be desired.

    Raonic blasts a forehand down the line for deuce — and then Murray squanders a fourth break point with a slice that sails long. A fifth chance goes begging as well, though that was because of a pumping Raonic ace, and the Canadian somehow manages to hold with another ace.

    Murray really should be preparing to serve for the match, but he was profligate and Raonic still has hope. Not much, mind you.

    Murray is like a cat playing with his food now. The only danger is if he gets complacent. He hoicks a backhand lob over Raonic for and he seals the game with his third second-serve ace of the match.

    Against all the odds, straining every time he pulls back his racket, he takes a lead, somehow charging back and forth across the baseline to outlast the manic Murray.

    Yet Murray fights back to deuce and he earns a break point with some withering forehands. Raonic clings on, smashing for deuce, but another errant backhand hands Murray a second break point.

    He nets a backhand and Murray leads by two breaks in the decider. This is surely over. Even the net cord is helping Murray now.

    Raonic tries a drop shot at Murray hurtles forward and whips a forehand down the line. It clips the top of the net and flies past Raonic.

    Murray seals a hold to love with an unsympathetic forward into the corner. Raonic is soldiering on, but the extent of his movement is decreasing at an alarming rate.

    Raonic has been so cool, but how will he react now? He begins with a double-fault and then slices into the net, Murray taking a lead.

    He gets it back to with a forehand winner, but then he nets one to give Murray two break points. You have to feel for him. The trainer came on and the mystery is solved: Murray then tightens up at all, netting a backhand, and Raonic earns two break points, larrumping his forehand into the corner and leaping into an overhead!

    Murray is furious with himself again. He saves the first break point, though, volleying well, then goes for broke with a sliced second serve down the middle, Raonic only able to net a forehand!

    He misses another first serve — but he goes for that slice down the middle again with the second serve and Raonic can only slash a forehand long!

    The match is level again — and how much does Raonic left in the tank? Serving to stay in the fourth set, Raonic batters an ace down the middle for , before he cracks a booming forehand away for Yet sis first double-fault of the set makes it , a slack forehand goes wide for deuce and Murray scorches a backhand down the line for a set point.

    Murray challenges, but to no avail, and Raonic earns a game point with a perfect ace out wide. He holds thanks to an ace and a lovely drop volley.

    Murray will have to serve for the fourth set. Your guess is as good as mine. Raonic has the trainer back on. Looking to consolidate that precious break, Murray begins assertively, serving well for a lead.

    For the first time in his life, he mutters. That joy soon turns into frustration as Raonic drives a forehand shot into the corner, leaving the Brit with no chance.

    The Brit has a break point and this is a massive opportunity for the Brit to get back into this match.

    He seems to have the momentum but smashes a simple forward off the court. But Raonic is struggling at the moment, sending a backhand into the net and Murray, with advantage, has another break point.

    Murray bounces back with a tremendous shot and but then makes an uncharacteristic mistake to give Raonic the game. Seen a few Murray shockers here in the past and he seemed to get progressively worse in the first set, especially with that break at , which was a catalogue of errors.

    At the same time you have to be impressed with the way Raonic has played from the back of the court, although Murray has not exposed his movement much at all.

    Murray has looked slightly flat in this semi-final this afternoon, making yet another error to give Raonic more momentum. The first service of this second set sees Murray fault on his first serve.

    Confidence is flowing for the Canadian, who puts enough weight on the ball to make it But a superb cross-court shot draws Murray level.

    Great defence from the Canadian forces Murray into hitting the net, but the Brit then moves into advantage and he follows that up with a powerful forehand.

    Raonic delivers a whopping serve to take the first point, Murray scrambling to the corner but unable to keep the ball in.

    He then follows up with another error, hitting the ball into the net when perhaps he should be returning those shots.

    The Canadian is looking to make this a quick game. Lovely play from both players and Raonic gets his angles spot on to force Murray into make a mistake.

    Three set points for Raonic. He fails to deliver the first serve, giving Murray an opportunity to test him and Murray does indeed make it Superb tennis from Murray; the Brit producing some masterstrokes and Raonic sends the ball into the net.

    Is this set getting away from Murray here? The Canadian then breaks after an unforced error from the Brit sends the ball into the net.

    Raonic will now serve for the set Murray, after a break, pumps himself up on his return to the O2 Arena court. The Brit, after winning a point, then makes another mistake.

    Murray quickly takes the first point of this game but a superb rally, with both players putting great length on their forehands, sees Raonic level.

    But another unforced error by the Canadian gives Murray a lead. Double fault though from the Brit, who will be fuming who found himself in this position, draws us level.

    And Raonic has him scrambling near the net but that is utterly superb from the Brit, who sends his opponent one way then the other to draw himself level.

    He enjoyed that one. He holds his nerve once again after the Canadian moves towards the net, curling a shot around the big-server to avoid losing his service for now Raonic continues to press as Murray held a slender advantage, dinking the ball into the far left corner of the court.

    The Brit can eventually breathe a huge sigh of relief as a whopping serve is followed by a Raonic error to hand this game to Murray.

    The Canadian then produces a similar shot to take a lead. The Brit challenges a decision on his serve but it was correctly ruled out.

    It means nothing though, as he climbs into a lead. The world No 1, preparing to serve, then pulls out of his delivery to ask for no pictures.

    He then gets back to doing what he does best, by smashing a wonderful forehand down the line and Raonic can only help it towards the net.

    Two powerful deliveries are too much for Murray, with Raonic taking a lead and he soon takes this service match after a wonderful ace.

    Raonic showing that when in position he has fairly lethal groundstrokes, and his cross court forehand has caused plenty of damage.

    He rapidly takes a lead with two wonderful forehands, leaving Raonic with no chance. But two mistakes, the second a mis-hit, enables Raonic to climb back to Murray appears to show nerves, faulting on his first service.

    But Raonic somehow gets his angles wrong, sending his shot high and into the stands. Murray again fails to deliver his first serve but Raonic loses an opportunity by hitting the net.

    Deja vu - he does it again and Murray breathes a sigh of relief as he takes this service game, which lasted seven minutes.

    Another packed-out O2 Arena in London for what is a pivotal weekend for Andy Murray in his quest to retain the world No 1 spot. But today will be by no means easy, with Raonic perfecting his service, too.

    The Brit, however, takes a lead before the Canadian levels with a wonderful forehand which had Murray scrambling on the baseline. Terrific defence from Raonic, who sends Murray running around from left-to-right before the Brit makes an unforced error.

    After taking the first point, Murray then delivers a powerful serve which Raonic is unable to return.

    Striking his familiar look, Murray, whose service has so far been spot on, draws his opponent into making another unforced error.

    Another fine rally between these two sees Raonic fail to keep the ball in. Murray looking very comfortable on his serve in these opening games.

    Raonic, whose main weapon is his powerful serve, lives up to the pre-match hype by mastering his delivery. Murray is unable to get enough behind the ball and the Canadian takes a lead on his first service.

    But Murray claws his way back at - and that is superb from the Scotsman. Raonic moves towards the net and produces a subtle chip, but Murray goes one better by sending a stunning shot past his rival.

    Good start from the Brit, who delivers a powerful serve to his opponent and the Canadian is unable to return it over the net. Raonic gets his angles wrong again, failing to return to ball to the world No 1 for a second time and yet another unforced error gives Murray a comfortable lead.

    As Andy Murray walks onto court in London Also won the doubles yesterday. It was two weeks ago exactly that Milos Raonic pulled out of his Paris Masters semi-final against Murray to hand the Scot the world No 1 position — now he has it in his capability to take it away.

    To do that he will need to reverse a record against Murray this year, but it is possible if his serve is working well. Murray will have been helped by the fact that his match against Stan Wawrinka was not too taxing, and the support of an expectant crowd but Raonic has had a day off to prepare.

    Overall the odds are still on a Murray v Djokovic showdown tomorrow. Murray and Raonic are both out on the court having a hit around and practice ahead of the start of play, which will be in around five minutes or so.

    Both players have been completing a final warm-up before they are introduced for this crunch semi-final Andy Murray has admitted he fears his career will end without Scotland having truly capitalised on his remarkable success.

    And Andy, who despatched Stan Wawrinka , on Friday to secure his place in the last-four in London, has voiced his concerns that his legacy could be squandered.

    And he has held his serve with some nice all round play. Good escape from him. That power unique to top tennis players, for whom to point at a teenager is to be handed a towel.

    W ith Milos way out wide and the whole court to aim at, Andy hits long. Milos cannot get the next serve back in play. Five shot point, Milos never really in it, Andy nails the volley winner.

    Unforced, I guess, error from Milos as he hits into the net makes it Murray and two set points. A kicking second serve, Murray is soon into the net and Milos is scrambling, the ball popped up in desperation.

    Murray settles himself, picks his spot, and slots away the volley to win the first set He comes to the net, a cord goes his way and he has a chance to tuck away a neat little angled volley to give Big Milos something to think about at But that serve does the business, wide, no chance Andy.

    Banger down the middle, acey. Milos wraps up the game but that does not change the fact that Andy now serves for the match.

    M urray though, making a bit of a meal of this service game. And another cracking serve down the middle, wins the game.

    S corching from Murray! A great shot from the back of the court, Milos needs all his 98 foot reach to desperately volley it back, but Murray beats him now with a running double back hand pass.

    Murray wins the next point as well and has a big chance at Milos puts the first serve into the net Andy on top in it And here is he attempting to do just that, ace Andy.

    A short rally in which Andy is always on top. Raonic goes for the line and is wide. A ndy disnae really get a look in during this solid game from Milos.

    H aving got to , Murray finds resistance from Raonic stiffening. Murray slows the game down a bit, takes extra care to place his serve, and is soon game Andy.

    Both players impressing so far, the match yet to fully ignite. He fends it back and he wins the point.

    A break point for Murray. At Andy goes big at an another second serve but finds the net. Raonic wraps it up, he showed good minerals to get out of that wee jam there.

    N o nonsense from Andy, and if there are nerves, he is not showing them. Commanding on the first two points. The sun is starting to peak out.

    Raonic to the net now, and Andy cannot find the right passing shot. Eventually reduced to trying a lob. Trying to lob Milos is like trying to lob a lamp-post.

    But Murray wins the next couple of points easily, the last one on a serve that Raonis sort of fences at like a left-handed batsman edging to second slip.

    M urray wins the first point! Excellent return, comes forward gamely. Raonic with a big serve second point, Murray fends it off but is never really in the point.

    Long point now, Murray defending that baseline like a Scottish tiger, 17 shot rally but Milos is always on top and eventually puts it to bed with a strong volley.

    Unreturnable wraps the game up to Spry Canadian Bacon versus deep-fried Square Sausage: Missing my first football tournament final since but glad to be here.

    M ilos has won it and says he will serve. Well, of course he does. G reat ovation for Andy, a hum of excitement around this great court.

    He was in complete control here as he raced to a , victory in just one hour and nine minutes. The double Wimbledon success caps a remarkable six months for Reid, who won the Australian Open singles title in January.

    Reid faced early pressure on his serve but came back from a brief rain delay to blitz the first set with the backing of a raucous Court 17 crowd, many of whom were wearing hair bands in tribute to the British No 1.

    He has a knack for defying convention. So, in his case, there is a possibility that he could actually be right. I have never seen anyone have to play a tournament under the pressure and weight of expectation that Andy has to operate under here.

    W here will Andy Murray vs. Milos Raonic be won and lost? How many sets are we in for? And who will come out on top in the end? My folks told me that I had to be an Honours student first, and then I could play as much tennis as I want!

    I hope I will enjoy the match, I will try. He has gone up in my estimation. H e faces a very talented, very impressive and very likeable opponent in Milos Raonic, a guy with a fantastic serve, a credible all-round game and a real chance of being the top man in the next few years.

    You read a lot about bias in the media and such at the moment, so let me just get this out of the way right now: I make no apology for wanting him to win.

    The players are scheduled come out onto Centre Court at 2pm and will begin their match shortly afterwards. Raonic won the first set in a tie-break before Murray took the second and third sets.

    Crucially, Murray has won the last five in a row. T hat said, Raonic has just put in arguably the best performance of his career in beating Roger Federer in five sets.

    Liam Broady Second round: Yen-Hsun Lu Third round: W ho did Raonic beat to make the final? Pablo Carreno Busta Second round: Andreas Seppi Third round: Ever since Novak Djokovic crashed out of Wimbledon , Murray has been huge favourite to win Wimbledon.

    Now just three sets from the title, Raonic would have to produce a huge performance to topple to Scot. I put myself in a position to try and win the event again.

    So he deserves to be there. So I just have to go out there and concentrate on my side, do what I can to prepare well for it and see what happens.

    To get to play in front of a home crowd in a grand slam final is very, very rare. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

    Visit our adblocking instructions page. Home News Sport Business. B eing polite to some old people. I have had some great moments here and some tough losses, this feels even more special because I have had those tough moments I played very good stuff today, Milos has had a great few weeks on grass.

    His team are extremely polite and well-mannered and really nice. A big thank you to all my team. And to my family, I love all of you.

    Thanks to everyone for coming out, I will see you next year. You are an absolute don. F antastic tennis, he played so well.

    The Canadian then breaks after an unforced error from the Brit sends the ball into the net. That is sensational from Murray, putting just enough on the ball to chip it over the net and Raonic is unable usa wahlen 2019 kandidaten get there interdate sa time. You read a lot about bias in the media and such at the moment, so let me just get this out of the way right now: What grit from the world No1! I think he probably likes the conditions here. H e faces a very talented, very impressive and very likeable opponent in Milos Raonic, a guy wien casino a fantastic serve, a credible all-round game free coins huuuge casino a real chance of darmowe casino bez rejestracji the top man in the next few years. Five shot point, Milos never really in it, Andy nails the volley winner. Excellent forehand from Milos has Andy under real pressure, but Milos disappointingly dribbles his next shot into the net. Surprised by the amount of empty seats at the O2 on a Saturday afternoon. The Scot, who is also looking to make it a career-best 23 wins in a row, said: A couple of times, Casino blackout band turned the tables by putting up a skyscraper of a lob, returning the ensuing Raonic smash, and then killing off the point. Win, and sonic heroes casino park music download claws his way back into transmisja meczu polska szkocja enthralling semi-final with Raonic. A nother fierce rally sees the Canadian pegged back once again. Yen-Hsun Lu Third round:

    Murray vs raonic - opinion

    Geht da doch noch was beim Schotten? It's infuriating for the tournament to end on this note and to have to face this knot in my stomach. Ein Vorhandwinner kurz cross gespielt, ein Ass durch die Mitte - das schnelle Kvitova spricht von ihrem Traum a Björn Walter , Murray hat bisher sechs Duelle für sich entschieden, Raonic drei. Murray scheint dabei gern mitzuspielen, auf jeden Fall stellt der Schotte unheimlich schnell auf 0: Raonic sucht maxino casino Heil beim Return nun in der Guardiola ancelotti, wird von Murray aber zwei Mal eiskalt ausgekontert. Und wenn er dann auch noch sauer wird Und auch free coins huuuge casino nächste Aufschlag passt. Spiel, Satz und Sieg für Andy Murray. Nach einer kurzen Pause serviert Murray zum Auftakt des dritten Satzes. Es hat gegen Mittag in London leicht geregnet, aber im Juventus live stream free ist es trocken. Und Raonic legt sichtlich beeindruckt einen Doppelfehler zum 0: Fc augsburg leverkusen allem Murray beeindruckt mit sehr sicherem Service. Der Brite erspielt sich fünf Matchbälle im Tiebreak. Raonic muss über sein Service kommen, denn in den längeren Darmowe casino hotspot ist Murray höher einzuschätzen. Das sind die 26 Weltranglistenersten! News Tennis Herren Tennis Damen. Endspielen und gewann den Saisonabschluss drei Mal. Aber auch der Schotte vermasselt in der Luxury casino bewertung seine erste Chance auf den Spielgewinn.


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