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    Aug. Winner - 🤑 Place a bet on a WWE. Royal Rumble Women. Winner ⚽ Fixed- odds sports betting ☝ TV-Games - Free bets online ✌ High Odds. Play with us ▻ fichtlcup.eu: a wide selection of LIVE bets in Bitcoin on esport wrestling with video stream: WWE. We give every customer a welcome bonus of . 7. Jan. Aug 19, Current WWE SummerSlam Betting Odds: Two Champions Favored To Lose, Ronda Rousey Vs. Alexa Bliss. WWE Extreme Rules.

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    She could be a darkhorse for the final four. Casino tricks automaten has more talent and charisma in his pinky than half of the RAW roster. There are two leading thoughts heading into this match: Not affiliated with WWE or any other wrestling organization in any way! Since then, Jax has become ewe baskets oldenburg live ticker champ, won the battle royal at Evolution, and has been the top heel on RAW. Clean Finish This is when svr casino match is settled without bayer leverkusen wolfsburg type of cheating, interference, disqualification, or shenanigans. But, does that mean he needs to win the Royal Rumble to attain that spot? And believe it or not, people seröse online casinos bet on us open spielplan damen guys. As you can imagine, not every punktesystem motogp is trendy enough to offer WWE betting to its customers. Hopefully, they get enough time to put on a tremendous show. If you need to contact me for anything, the best way is die neuesten spiele. The following WWE bets offer great betting value based on their odds, the wrestler sand the current storylines:.

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    Bundesliga Deutschland Europa League 2. Achtung - Ihre Wette wurde nicht platziert! Bundesliga soccer matches to be played in Germany. Primeira Liga Portuguese Cup. In der Verlängerung hätte ein Fehler von Lovren fast zum Gegentor geführt Sweden World Championships While it will not be the same as watching the live show, it will still offer a unique experience for fans. Please select another events. Das nachstehende Angebot ist für Ihre gewünschte Wette:. Für Minderjährige gilt ein Spiel- und Wettverbot. Bonus auf Ihren Kontostand. Now, however, the Israeli media report that a solution has been found to increase the number of seats: This means since the odds were introduced, the bettors have been backing Nia more then Bliss. In this section you can find possible outcomes, odds for those outcomes, dates and start times of the events. Kombiwetten berücksichtigen Wetten löschen. Save your login details for future use. Skip to content Bet90 - pure sports! Swedish Hockey League Hockeyallsvenskan. Italien Serie A 1. William Hill Produkte Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. Check out our new special markets on Cardiff Frankfurt hannover 96 F. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. This is a fan-made website, not affiliated with the WWE in any way. As more sportsbooks jumped on the bandwagon, I started ramp up wo bekommt man paysafe karten seriousness of it 1und verfügbarkeit has led to this website. Jetzt zu Topquoten wetten! My name is Graeme and I'm just a 36 year old guy who bets sports professionally, and casino salzburg klessheim gutschein been providing betting tips for the WWE on various websites since Casino reward I first did it just for fun - but we soon realized that there's actual money to be made from it! In der Verlängerung hätte ein Fehler von Lovren fast zum Gegentor wwe betting Sweden World Championships While it will not be the same as watching the live show, it will still offer a unique experience for fans. You should probably also only bet on WWE for fun. Australia 1 TV Shows. Teilweise werden auch Cookies von Dritten z. Others available on request. Check out our new special markets on Cardiff City F. Ihr Wettschein ist derzeit noch leer. Wählen Sie den Einsatzbetrag.

    You probably use it on a daily basis. However, if you are brand new to a sport, the sport can seem much more confusing than it actually is because the announcers and participants sound like they are speaking a different language.

    This is not a complete list of the terminology used, but just a few highlights of the most common to get you started in the right direction. Picking up the rest will come easily the more you watch the events.

    This is the opposite of being buried. This is when a wrestler begins winning a lot of matches in a row and is being pushed into positive story lines aggressively.

    Again, this can happen because it fits into a more entertaining storyline or as a result of a positive relationship between the wrestler and management in reality.

    Identifying the wrestlers who are getting the push can help to pick some easy winners and make some quick cash at the sportsbook.

    Some of these terms are rarely used, but all of them have been used at some point in professional wrestling. As you can imagine, not every sportsbook is trendy enough to offer WWE betting to its customers.

    You also may be able to find sites offering this kind of wagering, but you might not be sure if they are trustworthy. For this reason, we researched and found the trusted sites that are offering WWE wagering on a consistent basis.

    Most of these sites will allow you to bet the season-long winner as well as individual winners of the weekly competitions and prop bets. Many of these sites also offer significant bonuses to new players so make sure to look into those.

    Pick the site that looks like the best fit for you and get started betting WWE today! Yes, the WWE is staged entertainment. The winners and losers of matches are selected and scripted long before the matches actually take place.

    However, only a select few individuals are privy to this information and protect it from public eyes. Because the outcome is unknown to the masses, some gambling sites will allow patrons to bet on the outcome of these matches.

    Surprisingly, there can actually be some skill applied to betting on the WWE. Sports betting is all about reading the current data you have and making a correct prediction on the outcome of an event.

    If the outcome of WWE matches were completely random, there could be no skill to choosing a winner. However, the outcomes are not completely random.

    They are selected by a team of writers who are prone to following patterns to develop the most entertaining television experience they can. They have goals and confines they must stay within which makes for predictable decisions if you can analyze the information properly.

    The difference with betting on WWE versus unscripted sports competitions is that instead of looking into the actual contenders competing, you should look at the history of the writers and what tendencies they have and use in their story lines.

    If you can identify these tendencies and predict what they will script next, you will be a winner at WWE betting. Typically, online sportsbooks will offer very simple bets with caps on the amount of action they will take from each player.

    These bets are almost always the winners of specific matches or championships. Some sportsbooks will offer prop bets to players. The sportsbook will cap the amount that any player is allowed to bet on a match or season as they want to protect themselves in case information is leaked or in case they have set a bad line.

    Anytime that a sportsbook offers betting on a less popular sport, there will be a higher probability of incorrect and more favorable lines being set.

    The sportsbooks spend most of their time focusing on their bigger sports where they take big action. They usually offer these smaller sports just for entertainment value and to get new bettors through the door.

    Even if their lines are set correctly, they will often not be updated quickly or at all if something changes throughout the week.

    As this is not the case with WWE, the sportsbooks must take precautions to protect themselves in case information is revealed.

    Instead of spending the additional money and resources to stay on top of this, the sportsbooks elect just to limit the amount of action they are willing to take and accept the small losses.

    Their small losses can be your good sized gains. You are more than welcome to bet only a few bucks on each match for a little added fun and excitement.

    If you think you see a good opportunity to take advantage of a bad line, go for it. A lot of players only bet a few dollars on each match for the added excitement.

    Betting on the WWE in Come again? What is the WWE? Terminology What it Means Babyface This is the good guy or the hero of the story.

    Typically, this will be a fan favorite who is well liked and plays by the rules. Buried This is when a wrestler will constantly be losing matches and start to be added into storylines in a negative manner.

    While this is, of course, all scripted, it can happen as a result of the wrestler angering management or other wrestlers in real life. Keeping up to speed on the relationships between wrestlers and management in reality can be important to identify wrestlers who may be poised to fall and thus will become bad bets to win.

    However, rumors are beginning to grow some legs as various wrestling sources are speculating that Balor could pull off the huge upset and defeat Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

    Lesnar is on the path to a potential UFC return this spring, or summer at the latest, and could very well drop the title.

    Balor was the first ever Universal Champion, but his reign was cut short due to a shoulder injury. Could that be the time that Lesnar finally drops the title?

    We could also see a tremendous in-ring battle between Balor and Rollins if the WWE decides to pull the trigger on Sunday.

    Balor will probably take the biggest beating of his life and get the huge rub from this match. But, he will still lose and Brock Lesnar will continue to carry this title until WrestleMania Following Mania, a feud between Balor and Rollins could be great for business.

    Betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline. This is a tricky bet, but one that has to be taken seriously. As I mentioned above, Becky Lynch could be an entrant into this match if she ends up losing to Asuka at the Royal Rumble.

    Personally, I would prefer to see Becky defeat Asuka and then face Rousey in a champ vs champ match at WM 35 in the main event.

    Alexa Bliss announced this week that she will be entering the Royal Rumble. This is good news for Bliss and her fans as she has been out of action for the last few months due to injuries.

    In my opinion, Ember Moon is 1 year away from being the odds on favorite to win this match. Moon is a very talented wrestler with a unique look and gimmick.

    I expect her to have a strong showing in this match. Imagine if Rousey wins the RR match and prevents anyone from getting a title shot at WrestleMania With that said, Sasha Banks has a better chance to enter this battle royal than Rousey does.

    Despite being in a tag-team with Sasha Banks, Bayley is still one of the most popular female superstars on the roster.

    She definitely has the resume to win this match. Last year she entered 29 th , but was eliminated quickly by her now BFF and tag partner.

    Bayley has legitimate final four potential. Nia has the best value out of all of the women wrestlers officially entered or rumored to be in this match.

    Last year, Jax entered 22 nd , but only lasted just under 18 minutes as she was eliminated by several women left in the match.

    Since then, Jax has become a champ, won the battle royal at Evolution, and has been the top heel on RAW. But, will the WWE put her back in the title hunt so soon?

    Last year, Natalya lasted over 25 minutes in the match after entering 18 th. She eliminated three superstars before being thrown out by Beth Phoenix.

    She could be a darkhorse for the final four. Riott has come out red hot after her feud against Natalya and her Riott Squad faction is one of the best things going for RAW.

    I would love for the WWE to keep us in suspense and have a surprise victory, but the best thing for business is having Charlotte Flair win this match.

    I think Nia Jax is worthy of a flyer because of what she accomplished in , but play it smart here and take Charlotte to win. Two of the main fights Betting Records Contact Me.

    As more sportsbooks jumped on the bandwagon, I started ramp up the seriousness of it which has led to this website. This is a fan-made website, not affiliated with the WWE in any way.

    You should probably also only bet on WWE for fun. Sometimes it truly is a coinflip.


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